About Shawna Meyer

Interior Designer
& Project Manager
“Designing spaces that inspire,
managing projects that deliver.”

Design runs deep in my veins from designing Barbie homes as a child to stunning spaces as an adult. I'm passionate about Interior Design and Project Management, dedicating my life to crafting functional and breathtaking environments.

With a degree in interior design and a world of experience, I bring an international flair to my creations. From living in Thailand to exploring Spain, Mexico, Indonesia, and across the US, I've gathered inspiration everywhere I go.

As the creative force behind Nest:Space™, a premier coworking haven, I've merged my love for design with my entrepreneurial spirit. A self-proclaimed polished hippy, my designs radiate empathy, gratitude, and peaceful vibes.

Join me on this exciting journey as we transform spaces together!

As a vibrant and adventurous soul, I've always found joy in exploring the world around me. My love for travel has enriched my design inspirations and shaped my dynamic personality. From immersing myself in diverse cultures to seeking out hidden gems, I thrive on discovering new experiences.

As a proud mother, I strive to instill these values in my children—encouraging curiosity, embracing life's adventures, and fostering their growth into empathetic and open-minded individuals.

My playful nature, sense of gratitude, and determination to be a great mom intertwine to create a life filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable memories. This is me, Shawna Meyer! 🙂

My education has been a unique blend of formal study and real-world experiences. With an Interior Design and Project Management degree, I've honed my skills to create spaces that truly come to life.

But it's my journey beyond the classroom that sets me apart. Embracing the “school of life,” I've gathered invaluable lessons through travel, entrepreneurship, and the diverse projects I've tackled. I've built a foundation from commercial to residential design that marries theory and practice. This rich tapestry of knowledge allows me to approach each project with a fresh perspective and an open mind.

With a keen eye for detail, a world of inspiration, and a commitment to excellence, I'm here to transform spaces and make design dreams come true.

My creations are a testament to my passion for designing unique and transformative spaces. Beyond the coworking haven of Nest:Space™, I've breathed new life into our charming crooked cottage through budget-friendly, hands-on renovations.

My designs extend to specialized counseling centers, where I've crafted sound spaces to promote healing and tranquility. I've envisioned entire buildings for cutting-edge fiber-optic companies, from tech rooms to welcoming lobbies.

Exciting projects on the horizon include a sustainable tiny house development, an ambitious three-level home renovation, and innovative local businesses poised to redefine Central Nebraska's landscape.

With each creation, I aim to empower communities and elevate their experiences. Let's shape the future together—one extraordinary space at a time!

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Design Consultation:
1-on-1 Meeting (1 Hour)

with Me, Shawna Meyer.

My Interior Design and Project Management team and I focus on Space Planning, Experience Design, Blueprint Design, Code Enforcement & All Of The Beautiful Finishing Touches for any Interior Design Project (no matter where the Project is located in the World). We also provide Project Management services within the State of Nebraska.

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